Hall of Honor Members

Hall of Honor Guidelines – updated 12/2019 pdf logo

Hall of Honor Nomination Form – updated 12/2019 pdf logo

Nomination should be emailed to the Hall of Honor Chairperson: Mike Post

Q: Who can nominate people?

A: Any AAATA Member in good standings and any AAATA HOH Member

Q: How often is the HOH presented?

A: The HOH is an every other year event; only if qualified Nominees are voted in.

Q: What happens if my nominee is not selected for the HOH?

A: Nominees are eligible for three voting cycles (approximately six years), then removed from consideration.  Removed Nominees are eligible for re-nomination.

Q: Who votes in Nominees?

A: The HOH Committee recommends 4-5 names to the Executive Board for approval. The HOH Chairperson submits this list to the HOH Members to vote on.

Q: If I know that an Athletic Trainer’s name has been submitted by another nominator, should I submit their name again? Or is one submission ok?

A: The moore nomination forms submitted for a certain Athletic Trainer, will give the HOH Committee additional information, maybe not included in other submissions.  Also, it shows that, maybe this person has had a great influence on our profession and should really be considered for the HOH.