Constitutional Amendments (corrections: highlighted yellow)

Article VII will alter from ANNUAL MEETING (securing site, date and time of the Student Workshop) to ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING (information solely about the Annual Business Meeting) and moving information about the Student Workshop to the By Laws.

Article IX has repetitive wording and will be cleaned up

The sentences: ‘Membership, Dues, Officers, Voting, and Committees/Task Force is governed by the By-Laws as adopted on (voted on date) and amended thereafter.‘ and strike through wording of certain Articles are in reference to the proposed addition of the By Laws (included below the Constitution). These Articles will remain with this included sentence.

Why the need of By Laws?

The purpose of the Constitution and By-Laws is to maintain a record of the organizational plan of the Alamo Area Athletic Trainers’ Association. 

The Constitution defines the elements of the AAATA.

The By-Laws will fully define the Officer’s Duties, Committee Purposes and Assignments, Membership Fees, Meeting Criteria, Calendar of Events, and a Record of Action Taken by Membership and Executive Board. 

The contents of the By-Laws are set by the Executive Board and unless otherwise noted can be changed with a majority vote of the Executive Board. The By-Laws cannot be changed to conflict with the Constitution. 

Any changes to the constitution must be made as amendments as described in the Constitution. Each officer will receive a copy of this manual with the Secretary to maintain the official copy.