Here is the information on specific Constitutional topics that will be presented at the meeting for you to preview.

Removal of Executive Board Member process

There are no current guidelines for removal of an Executive Board member (President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary or Treasurer). The Executive Board does not for see this action being used, but feel that it needs to be in place and addressed. Here is the proposed constitutional insertion:

To be added to Article 5 and creating #5

An active member may petition, in writing, to the Executive Board an outline of why an Executive Board member(s) should be removed from their position on the Executive Board including, but not limited to, gross negligence; not carrying out their duties as assigned by Article V, Section 4; chronic absences that interfere with the operation of the Association.  

With the acceptance of the petition, Article VIII will be followed.  At the conclusion of the task force investigation, the task force will make a recommendation to the Executive Board for a decision.

Should the investigated Executive Board member(s) disagree with the Executive Board’s decision, the person(s) involved may appeal to the membership in a manner acceptable to both parties within thirty-days of the decision.  The voting by the attendant membership to render a decision shall be a simple majority and final

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Membership Dues increase

A few reasons for due’s increase: has not been an increase in over 10+ years, decreased membership numbers, cost inflation and continued scholarship support. If an increase is approved, half of the increases amount will go to scholarships and the other half will be filtered to the Hall of Honor budget, Upcoming Social event or Workshop expenses.

There will be three options:

  1. No change in dues, stays at $25
  2. Increase to $30
  3. Increase to $35

Update 2022 02 14: In the event of a tie, the two tied options will have a runoff and the 3rd option removed from voting. In the event of a three-way tie: say each option receives 10 votes, the 1st option – ‘No Change in Dues’ will be removed due to the fact that 20 votes were for an increase. Then 2nd and 3rd option will have a runoff.

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Standing Orders

The Executive Board has discussed some ideas that may allow our organization to function more effectively and efficiently. When opportunities arise, the Executive Board is restricted due Constitutional constraints. We’d like to put together a Task Force to comprise a Standing Order proposition. This should take a few meetings over the course of the year, then be presented to the Executive Board and voted on by the membership (2/2023)

If you’d like to be on this Task Force, make your wishes known at the meeting.

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