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AAATA Secondary School Student Athletic Training Program Recognition Questionnaire

AAATA Secondary School Student Athletic Trainer Program Recognition


To recognize a member’s secondary school’s Student Athletic Training Program 


  • Each month a recognized program will receive a certificate, social media recognition and awarded $100.00 to their program.
  • At the end of the year, one of the monthly recognized programs will be chosen for the Program of the Year and will receive a banner, social media recognition and be awarded $500.00 to their program. 


  • A program to be recognized once a month between August?/September? through April? with the program of the year being announced in May
  • Programs may self-nominate or be nominated
  • Recognized programs must have at least one professional AAATA member in good standing at the time of nomination and at the monthly award.  
  • The annual award recipient school must have at least one professional AAATA member in good standing at time of nomination and yearly award.
  • A member’s school only needs to be nominated once during the yearly award cycle and are active during the award cycle provided eligibility requirements are maintained. All nominations will be cleared for the next calendar school year.
  • Nominations must be received by the 14th of the month, they will be considered for that month and remain active during the cycle if not chosen for a monthly award and eligibility requirements are maintained
  • Member school, if chosen, may only win one monthly recognition
  • Monthly recognition winners are eligible for annual recognition
  • Monthly recognition program will be selected by the 25th of the month and awarded on the last day of the award month
  • Annual recognition will be awarded no later than the 30th of the last month of the yearly award cycle
  • Those deciding recognitions, monthly or annual, shall not be associated with the nominated schools for the monthly recognition nor the schools eligible for the annual recognition